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On or about the year 1992 I met a member of what was then FPC. A small advisory group of people that help newly sentence inmates adjust with the new conditions of life they were to face. At the time, not knowing about how the prison system works, we would just agree to whatever terms a prosecutor would set and be content. I was sentence to 57 months in a prison camp in Lewisburg, PA where I was introduced to FPC. FPC reviewed my sentenced and background and advised my family and I to pursuit a possible sentence modification to include Boot Camp. That would cut my actual prison time by more than have and re-integrate me into society quicker. To be clear they did not promise a sentence reduction but a way to get back to society via, programs offered by the BOP and applicable in cases like mine. Once FPC helped with getting me into the program I only served a total of 27 and a half months of actual incarceration, 6 months of boot camp, 6 months in a community half-way house where I was allowed to work and visit with family and 6 months in supervised release where I lived at home with family and was able to live basically normal life. Although I served the entire 56 months minus 20% time off for being a model inmate, I was able to get back to a normal life 18 months earlier which help me complete my studies, get a restoration of rights and went to work in social services with 2 major companies in the New York City metro area without no large gaps of employment.

Today I own and operate a successful business, licensed in the state of Florida regardless of my criminal background. That is in part due to FPC helping me back then and showing me that life does not end after a conviction. For this I will be forever grateful

Armando C

We hired Justice Solutions of America around 2/2014 after my fiance was sentenced to 2 years in prison. This was after spending $100K on an attorney who spent all of his time getting us to plead guilty and then forgot our names at a sentencing hearing. Desperate to find some insight into how to navigate the federal criminal nightmare, we reached out to Justice Solutions. While we were still trying to figure out what was happening and why, they quickly told us to deal with it as in the federal system, you have no shot, just put your head down, follow the rules and figure out how to get out as quickly as possible. They told us what to expect and how to manage through it. And everything played out exactly as we were told. My only regret is that we did not hire them BEFORE we paid $100K to a worthless attorney, as their advice was the best advice we received during the process. They were the only ones that were honest about what to expect and how to manage through it. Their advice may be a hard pill to swallow, but not following it is most like harder to swallow and a lot more expensive. I would definitely recommend talking to them if you are indicted and have not yet hired an attorney. You will be thousands of dollars ahead, you will get honest advice (which you will not like), but you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Diana F.

Going to prison is like contracting a disease that is hard to manage and the outcomes are unpredictable. I know because I’ve been there from 2010 to 2014 and my family suffered through the experience with me. When you are diagnosed with prison, you reach out to as many experts as you can to try to find any solutions you can. You find that many people and organizations promise the world in helping you mitigate the experience and get one thing or another for you. Like trying to deal with any hard to control disease you have to pay professionals to try as many things as you can afford. Some treatments help and others don’t but if you have the financial means you try what you can afford.

In the end you find that the truth is that nobody has control over what the prison administrators and staff will and will not do. Prison is not a hotel and prison officials are not there to serve inmates and their families.

I worked with a few practitioners, but I was fortunate to develop a working relationship with Ed Bales and his staff at Justice Solutions that started before my sentencing hearing and which lasts to this day even after prison because of the good character and actual results that were obtained.

Ed Bales was like a good, experienced doctor who was honest with us about the costs and what we might be able
to achieve. In the most important situations he provided an edge that lead to more positive results than my family and I would ever have achieved working on our own and with our own lawyers.

My family and I enthusiastically recommend Ed Bales and his staff as the most competent, caring and honest
prison consultants that I have ever experienced. Like Ed I have dedicated myself to helping as many others as I can and I am proud to be involved as a member of the team at Justice Solutions of America.

Eric M

My experience with Justice Solutions of America originated in 2008. I found myself in a totally difficult and unfamiliar situation with the Department of Justice. Using the available services I was able to familiarize myself with the the road I was heading down and entered into the Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola totally prepared for what I was facing. Their services enabled me to enter the Camp in a better mindset than I could have imagined. Their services also introduced me to the possibilities of sentence reduction thru the RDAP program. As a result my 48 month sentence was greatly reduced.

Peter B.

We hired Justice Solutions in February of 2016 as our Son had multiple DUI’s and was sentenced to serving time in Prison consecutively. We had no knowledge of the Prison System and would have been at a total loss if not for Julie P at Justice Solutions. She was very responsive and provided good advice both to us and our Son on how to navigate through the system. Julie contacted the Prison consistently to determine why our Son was not being moved to a Camp. Ultimately she was able to get him sent to a Residential Rehab in Nevada which he benefited from greatly. We are one year down the road and our Son is a functioning sober productive citizen committed to his sobriety. We could not have accomplished this without Julie P at Justice Solutions.

Teri F.

My son was convicted of manslaughter on November 8, 2016. He was driving and had an accident that lead to the death of a 16 year old child. No drinking no drugs; just an “accident”. My family was devastated, as our son is a severe diabetic with a head injury and has seizures. He in no way understood any of this! None of this information was addressed in his court case! We we to Justice Solutions of America for help! They were right by our side throughout the entire process; even when our son was taken to the hospital, basically dead, during his incarceration. The good news is that our son is at home now with family, after 5 months in the prison system! Their guidance and knowledge assisted us in getting our son home! They showed great empathy and professionalism during the worst time of our lives!

Wendy C.

I am very appreciative of Shakeerah H***** with Justice Solutions of America. She is very knowledgeable and cares about her clients. Shakeerah is honest and I am grateful for her accepting and working on my husbands case. I’m not sure what the outcome will be, but we’re praying that it will be very positive. I know for sure that I feel very confident with the professional package that Shakeerah put together and in the process of doing the package I gained a new friend. Thank you Justice Solutions of America, Inc. and Thank you Shakeerah. I am forever grateful for everything you have done regarding my husbands case.


Thank you for all you have done for me. I would not have my chances at success without you. I am soon ready to leave prison on work release! Thank you again for everything.

Jim M.

We will continue to recommend your services to anyone who finds themselves in this unknown vortex. We have said many times over that the best money we spent was hiring your firm to help us navigate this unknown.

DeeDee F.

Just a final note where I want to thank you and your group for all you have done for Rob. Yesterday he was finally sentenced to the minimum amount of time allowable for his crime.


I would like to thank both you and John Irwin for all of your help with my son’s case. Your professionalism has been impeccable. Your company has provided a service to me and my son that has been invaluable. Not only have you written numerous letters on his behalf, you have taken the time to explain the convoluted system and been an ear to listen through this very stressful situation. Your many years of experience has guided us through all of this. I could never get through this or even begin to deal with all that has arisen without The State Prison Advocates. We would have given up long ago and my son would have been lost in this system. He now has a bright future to look forward to. I will be forever grateful that I found your company.


My husband was arrested in Sept. of 2013 on a parole violation. His parole was reinstated but then we had to start the process of getting him out of prison and then back to AZ. After spending several months attempting to act on his behalf, it seems I only succeeded in making people mad at me!! Finally, in desperation, I reached out to the State Prison Advocates and began working with John Irwin. Within weeks of becoming their client, my husband was out of prison and in a halfway house in Nevada. Mr. Irwin was able to find out for us, that though my husband could not come back to our current residence, we could go to a nearby city in AZ. It would have probably taken us months and many more attempts to find out that information on our own. As John has told me a few times, nothing happens quickly in the prison system, but it is much quicker and easier having someone on our side! I expect to have my husband back in AZ soon and look forward to updating this testimonial at that time! As others have said, I only wish I had found them sooner. Thank you!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Today XXXXX was transferred to a lower bed, was reassigned to a new job, and had his sugar level monitored. I’m overjoyed!!! Blessings to you,


If you have a loved one in prison and you need a dedicated advocate, Cheri Nolan with Justice Solutions of America is the perfect one for you. She is dedicated to her clients, she works diligently to attain her goals, she is business like, but very accessible to her clients. She has accomplished miracles for us, and we couldn’t be happier. It was the best thing we could have done to hire Cheri as our advocate. Her credentials are impeccable, and she lives up to her promises. She knows the Bureau of Prisons system inside and out. She is the best.

Rosemary C.

Highly respected; reliable, solution oriented, sympathetic, results driven, extremely knowledgeable, honest, forthright, and follows through with diligence.

W. Steven Saunders

Great news! I just got this letter from the BOP, which says that you have a new designation. I called the Marshals and they told me that your new designation is the camp at Fairton FCI.

Fiona D.

Federal Prison Consultants was an excellent resource to consider when working with the Federal Prison System.

Loretta B.

Federal Prison Consultants has been instrumental in aiding State and Federal prisoners, including those scheduled for sentencing, to resolve issues within their respective court and/or prison system. Whether it be mitigation for sentencing purposes, prison location, medical/mental health issues, work release, half-way house placement, and drug programs; the list goes on and on. They have contacts with state and federal attorneys and within prisons all across the country which affords them the ability to act quickly and with confidence. I would recommend them for any issue you or your family member may be facing.

Michael W.

I am writing this letter to recommend Federal Prison Consultants to anyone who might need their services. After serving my sentence in the Federal system, I was transferred to a halfway house In Cleveland, Ohio. The halfway house was a nightmare. It was filthy and disgusting. Their claims of being a “reentry program” were not true at all. After completing all my requirements to be eligible to go on home confinement, I was told they would get to my paperwork when they had time. Time after time I was lied to and giving false information. Even though I had done everything they had required of me and had no incident reports in both Federal Prison and in the halfway house, they refused to complete my paperwork to allow me to go home. My husband and I then enlisted the help of Federal Prison Consultants. After the first conversation with their Managing Director, I finally felt relief that there was an advocate for my situation. They made the phone calls to the BOP and discovered that the halfway house was holding up my paperwork. They requested answers from the halfway house but they were unwilling to answer him. They then contacted the BOP and made them aware of my situation. The Managing Director made many follow up calls, emails, and faxes and stayed on top of the situation. They all kept my husband and I informed of the progress. I was released 4 days later. It was such a relief to finally be going home to my family. I am confident that had they not intervened, I would have not been released. My only regret is that we had not contacted them sooner. If you find yourself or a family member in need of his services, please take this recommendation into consideration.

Bridget V.

I hired Federal Prison Consultants almost two years ago. I have found them to be very knowledgeable and very helpful and very passionate in helping people who are being sentenced and have been in prison. Their compassion also extends to the families of inmates.

They always return calls and emails and they work very hard to keep on top of the case they were retained. They are with you from the beginning of the sentence and stay with you until the time has come for release.

Federal Prison Consultants also are here to help with inmate matters that require outside assistance and know what is needed and who to contact to get answers from the Dept. of Federal Prisons.

I have found them to be honest with me and help me when my family member needs guidance. It does help to have someone to talk to about the Prison system and the answers may not be what we want to hear but what you will hear is, why something is or is not possible and how to go about the best possible way to have a case heard by the right officials so that the inmates best interests are being presented.

Pam B.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for keeping me informed on Artie’s case. I have really enjoyed working with your staff. Because of your professionalism and speedy response to any of my concerns, I feel assured that Artie’s case is being handled with much care and consideration. I appreciate all that you have both done and are doing. I would recommend your company to anyone. Thank you again.

Lorraine V.

How are you? I was very intrigued when a fellow inmate told me about your company. I have also seen some of the work you have done for him as well. Also unlike other companies, you actually care about your clients/because you don’t just give out, your office number, you give the number to your cell phone and I can also e-mail you which makes it easy access to get in-contact with you! I’m very glad and happy to say that I’ve been introduced to you. I am so happy to know that I have the best fighting for me in my corner. Thank you Federal Prison Consultants and you have a blessed day. I reside in Connecticut.

Thomas S.

My name is Robert M. I was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for obstruction of justice and it seemed like the world was coming to an end for me. I has so much to do and so many questions that needed to be answered then I found Federal Prison Consultants and spoke to the managing director. With their help I was given a 90 day extension for self-surrender which allowed me to get all my affairs in order before reporting and had my placement only 2 hours from my home, as well as assisting with sentence reduction programs and is now working with me on the programs and half way house placement.

If you are unfortunate enough to be sentenced to a federal prison, do yourself a favor and avoid unnecessary nightmares and get people that can help you save a lot of grief. Use this service.

Robert M.

Federal Prison Consultants has always been RIGHT there when I needed information or any consultation. And they have worked closely with my family to make sure that I was always treated fairly in whatever the case may have been. Staff always treats things with urgency and I certainly put my stamp of approval on them.

Derrick L.

I would like to take a moment and reflect on the accomplishments of Federal Prison Consultants to my case. I was sentenced to 63 months in Prison for 1 count of Wire Fraud I consulted with the personnel at Federal Prison Consultants to help me through the process of my prison time. They have been very beneficial to me in the aspect of helping me with my medical issues on my behalf. I would highly recommend this firm for future use if you get into this situation.

Matthew W.

Good to hear from you, we will definitely be a reference, heck I will be your poster child, LOL Jeff was moved into the RDAP facility last week. He is number 20 on the list so if they don’t bring in too many people in the next month he should be in the May class which would bring him home next February!

Thanks again for all of your help! I visited Jeff tonight and he told me that he was accepted into the program yesterday!!!!!! We are so excited! !!!! Thank you for your help and let me know if there is any further action we need to take at this time. God is Good!

Kylee H.

On November 2009 I was charged with a federal felony. I thought getting the best lawyer money could buy would be the answer to everything. WOW was I wrong. I didn’t know that I having a drinking problem at the time I committed my crimes could save me up to a year and a half off my sentence with a Federal program for substance abuse program. My lawyer failed to tell me this information. Lawyers don’t have the knowledge that FEDERAL PRISON CONSULTANTS had for me. These prison experts told my family and I all we needed to know about surrendering, conditions of the prison and most of all getting over a year off my sentence. Not only did they provide this info for me they also allow my family to call at any time for advice help or questions. Make the call like we did. Federal Prison Consultants was for sure the answer we needed.

Tony D.

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