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FAQ – Questions and Answers About Federal Prison Consultants

What makes Federal Prison Consultants different from other companies I find on the internet?

Federal Prison Consultants are the pioneers of the prison consulting industry, established almost twenty years ago. The key areas that separate us from our competitors include:

  • We are members of the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ Rating.
  • We abide by their policies and participate in their programs.
  • A dedicated TEAM of nationally recognized professionals for your case, not a sole proprietor.
  • More than 350 years of combined professional experience.
  • Testimonials from our clients including two on video.
  • Ability to talk with former clients before deciding upon whether to retain us.
Do you guarantee your work?
We guarantee tireless advocacy on your behalf to achieve the results you want but we cannot guarantee outcomes. Any person or firm that guarantees their work in this field is not being truthful. We have an outstanding track record and you can see what our clients say about us on the testimonials page.
What is Justice Solutions of America?
Justice Solutions of America, Inc. is a Florida based corporation and is the parent company of Federal Prison Consultants, State Prison Advocates, and state specific websites. Thanks to our wonderful clients and our great team of professionals we keep growing!
What if my lawyer says I don’t need you?
We work closely with many high profile criminal defense attorneys. Some attorneys may not know the value of our services because they don’t know what we do. Remember you are the one going to prison not your lawyer. You need not only help in defense, but also sentencing mitigation, prison, designation and advocates behind the walls of the institution you will be going.
Do I have to come to Florida to meet you?
Our company headquarters is in Florida but our Team of Consultants is located across the country. If you would like to meet with a member of our team, that can be arranged wherever you are.
What if my situation is not listed under “Services”?
Please email and he will be happy to answer your questions and set up a free consultation, or make a referral if needed. In addition, we are adding new consultants and areas of expertise all the time so most likely we will be able to bring our commitment to excellence to your particular case.
Is my “free consultation” really free?
Yes, your free consultation is really free. Our toll-free number is manned 24 hours a day in case of emergency. Quite often when you call we will schedule a time for our free consultation so that additional members of our team can participate in the call at no cost to you.
When will I see results?
When you see results in your particular case will depend on the services for which you retain us. Some issues can be quickly resolved such as medical treatment or transfer between institutions. Other issues can take longer. You are guaranteed that when you retain us we are tireless in our advocacy on your behalf however long it takes to see results.
Do you only offer services related to federal prison?
In addition to Federal Prison Consultants our Flagship division, State Prison Advocates is a major division of Justice Solutions of America, Inc. State Prison Advocates is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals, many of whom have served as State Commissioners of Correction and other senior levels of State Government. Other services can be viewed at
I saw on the internet people saying bad things about your company. What is up with that?
The allegations made against Federal Prison Consultants are false statements. Two of the persons have been identified and they have recanted their statements after a Delaware Court found against them. Other statements have been found to be generated by the same person using different names. Federal Prison Consultants continues to investigate the identity of those propagating false information and is pursuing them to the fullest extent of the law. In both cases in a Delaware Court and the only cases ever against Federal Prison Consultants or the history of Justice Solutions of America, Inc. the judge found the plaintiff “did not meet their burden in substantiating the claim that services were not performed.”

Federal Prison Consultants has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

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