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Ties-2-Stripes-2nd Edition Paperback Book- now available online at: Barnes & Noble, Walmart Books, and Amazon Books.

2nd Edition Now Available! Additional insight and tips from retired Department of Justice Senior Level Retired Personnel Including:

  • Case Managers
  • Wardens
  • Designation Specialists
  • Other Senior Level People

This is one of the best and most informative books available about successfully navigating through the federal inmate process. Tips and advice from both sides of the aisle- Former Senior Department Of Justice Officials and Former Federal Inmates.  Easy to follow format for a successful  and productive journey through the federal inmate process in the least amount of time that keeps  your mind, body and spirit safe and sound.

Beginning a term of incarceration can be a frightening and overwhelming experience for you and your family. Ties-2-Stripes How to: Survive the Federal Inmate Process offers practical, what-to-expect information for anyone entering the federal prison system. Robert Warney shares his first-hand insights on how to prepare yourself and your family for the transition to incarceration, how to adapt to the challenges of daily life in prison, what to expect at various phases of your sentence, and how to prepare for release. As a career Bureau of Prisons Case Manager and Case Management Coordinator, I found his explanations of procedures, programs, and expectations from arrival to release to be thorough and practical in an easy to understand format. Ties-2-Stripes can alleviate some of the anxiety you and your family are experiencing by providing valuable information on what to expect at all phases of your confinement as well as daily prison life.

Julie Prescott, Justice Solutions of America, Inc.


Julie’s knowledge and experience spans her responsibilities as a Case Manager, Disciplinary Hearing Officer, and Case Management Coordinator in a Federal Correction Institution and a Federal Medical Center (over 24 years). She has expert knowledge in classification and designation issues, compassionate release/reduction in sentence, inmate discipline, residential reentry center/home confinement, mental health commitments and administrative remedies. Julie has been advocating for federal and state inmates with Justice Solutions of America, Inc. for more than 5 years. She can be reached at: 1-888-5-PRISON or 1-888-577-4766. http://www. board-of-advisors

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