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Former Inmate

Former Federal Inmate

Former inmate discusses his Compassionate Release from Federal Prison with the help of Federal Prison Consultants.

Christine McClain

Christine McClain
Former State Inmate

SPECIAL NEWS RELEASE: We are pleased to announce our latest Compassionate Release Request has been granted for one of our clients. One day after he was informed of the BOP’s decision he was released to his family in New Jersey…

Federal Prison Consultants

Federal Prison Consultants is the flag-ship division of Justice Solutions of America, Inc. Our dedicated team of federal prison specialists and federal prison experts provide federal prison advocacy and federal prison consulting services, with documented results, on behalf of federal criminal defendants and their federal criminal defense attorneys, as well as federal prison inmates incarcerated within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Our Board of Advisors includes federal prison consultants who are adjudicated federal prison experts in U.S. District Court and the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal. Federal Prison Consultants has a shared work history of more than 350 years at senior levels of Federal, State and Local Government, including The White House, United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons and the U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services System in the U.S. District Courts.

The above graph shows that over 90% of federal criminal defendants take a plea. Less than 10% option to go to federal district court and those that do, over 75% of those that go to trial are convicted and over 80% receive a federal prison term. Additionally, over 90% of federal prison appeals are denied. Planning a federal prison pre-sentencing or a federal prison post sentencing strategy is the most effective way of minimizing a federal prison term.

The chart below to the left shows that the U.S. prison population, and more specifically, the federal prison population is slowly decreasing, much by way of specialized ever-changing Federal Bureau of Prison Programs that are in place. In our expert opinion, planning as far in advance, prior to your federal prison sentencing is the most effective way of minimizing your federal prison term, as well as top-notch strategies for effective federal prison placement (designation) at the lowest security level and the fastest path towards release.

The chart below to the right shows the use of private prison facilities for the U.S. prison population, and more specifically the amount of federal inmates in private prison facilities. This number has increased substantially over the last 10 years and up to recently has been quite stable. The good news is that the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the U.S. Department of Justice has decided to remove all federal inmates incarcerated in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We have been saying for years that these private prison facilities are inferior in so many ways. This new policy will make the path more difficult for those entering the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as well as currently confined federal prison inmates. Federal Prison Consultants, its Executive Staff and Board of Advisors is up to date with all current federal prison programs and federal prison policies and is the only company of its kind. We have a complete staff of federal prison experts, including federal criminal defense attorneys who act as consultants, federal prison paralegals, social workers, retired Federal Bureau of Prisons staff and retired high level U.S. Department of Justice staff.

Among the results of our federal prison consulting services are shortened periods of federal incarceration, maximum periods of half-way house placement (release reentry centers) and access to medical and mental health treatment.

Justice Solutions of America, Inc. and its divisions have been featured both nationally and internationally over the years.

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